United Airlines Refund Policy

The following conditions must be met for a nonrefundable ticket to be eligible for a travel credit:

  • Ticket must be purchased directly through the airline
  • Ticket must be issued and no portion of the ticket has been used.
  • No changes to the origin/destination/stopover points/flights/dates.
  • New fare must meet all the conditions of the lower fares, including booking code and any advance reservations ticketing requirements.
  • Certain limited time promotional sales are specifically exempt.
  • Charge / Service Fee will be 200 US for all non-refundable tickets.
  • The miscellaneous service order or travel vouchers are:
    • Transferable
    • Valid for one year from the date of issue
    • Valid only for travel on a future UA travel
    • Partially used vouchers will retain a value
  • United Airlines typically issues their vouchers via U.S. mail. They do not have electronic vouchers, so be sure to confirm your mailing address with their customer service representatives.