Purchasing a flight

Yapta makes it easy to purchase airline tickets. Simply enter your search criteria and Yapta will provide you with recommended flights based on your personal preferences. When you identify the best flight for you, click "Track Price Drops" to add the flight to your Yapta account for tracking or click the "select" link underneath the price to provide you the various option to purchase the ticket.   At this point Yapta will connect you directly with the website you chose to complete your purchase.

By buying directly from the airline, you are protected by the Guaranteed Airfare Rule and therefore may be eligible for travel vouchers or credits should your ticket price drop. If you purchase through an online travel agent, such as Orbitz, Travelocity, or Expedia you are not guaranteed a refund or voucher.

Once you purchase a ticket don't forget to change your ticket to a purchased flight. This will enable Yapta to provide you alerts only when that flight becomes eligible for a travel voucher or credit. 

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