Get Hawaiian Airlines refunds AFTER you buy

If the price of your flight drops $100 below what you paid (domestic & international), Yapta helps you get a refund for the difference.

1. Add your flight details

2. Receive refund alerts

3. Claim your airline refund

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy

  • Ticket must be purchased directly through the airline
  • There is no change in origin, destination, stopover points, flights, dates shown on the original ticket, or on any ticket issued in exchange for the original ticket.
  • Ticket must be issued and no portion of the ticket has been used.
  • No changes to the origin/destination/stopover points/flights/dates.
  • All conditions of the lower fares/charges are met, including booking code and any advance reservations/ticketing requirements.

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I was able to get a $129 travel voucher on United due to drop in a fare from SFO to Puerto Vallerta. I'll use the voucher as partial payment toward another United trip. Yapta is the best!

- William from San Francisco, CA

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